Probate & Estate Adminstration

Probate & Estate Adminstration

Don’t know which way to turn? Whether you need to apply for probate or administer an estate we’ll guide you along the right path.

GESols recognise that applying for probate or administering an estate after the death of someone close can seem unimportant, stressful and overwhelming, leaving you not knowing which way to turn.

When a death occurs, the assets of the deceased require distribution and there are many issues to be addressed and administrative obligations involved. This can be made simple when the deceased has left a valid will but can be far more complex if there is an invalid will or no will at all leaving assets to be distributed in accordance with the law.

At GESols, our dedicated team can provide practical advice on the immediate steps to be taken following bereavement, the administration of a will and other associated legal matters making the process as worry free as possible. Furthermore, we are able to deal with the estate for you should you so wish.

See our pricing Structure below:

Obtaining Probate:

If obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration and no Inheritance Tax is to be paid. £900+VAT
If Inheritance Tax is to be paid. £1,500+VAT

Obtaining Probate and Estate Administration:

Value of the estate up to £100,000 £2,000+VAT
Value of the estate between £100,000 to £325,000 £3,500+VAT
Value of the estate between £325,000 to £650,000 £8,000+VAT
Value of the estate above £650,000 Please call for bespoke quotation

The estate would also be liable for any disbursements incurred i.e. any costs payable to other organisations, along with any VAT they attract. In a standard probate matter we would estimate the cost of disbursements to be approximately £300.00, but again this is all dependent on circumstance.

Please note, the above prices will be applicable when probate is not contested. (If probate is contested our staff will provide you with a bespoke quotation depending upon the circumstances.)

GESols have sympathetic lawyers who can provide support and assistance. If you require support or guidance whatever your situation and you’re not sure which way to turn – contact us!