Making a Will

Child Arrangements

When parental relationships break down, its often the children that are caught up in the middle.

When relationships break down it is often the children who get caught in the middle. In this instance it is important to put your child’s interests first. GESols are committed to assisting parents to make the best arrangements for their children. It is important to consider where the child will live and who they will live with as well as ensuring that both parents are able to spend time with the children, where possible.

When disputes arise, the available orders are:

  • Child Arrangement Order – to determine where the child will live and how often the child/children will visit or have contact with the other parent (previously known as a residence or care order).
  • Prohibited Steps Order – to prevent particular decisions or actions from taking place which may not be in the child/ children’s best interest.
  • Specific Issue Order – to enforce particular decisions or actions which are in the the child/ children’s best interests.

If any disputes arise regarding a child’s residence, particular decisions relating to the child/ children, contact arrangements or parental responsibility – contact us.